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Sanket Ingole

Sanket Ingole

c python django selenium web automation postman html css sql php pandas matplotlib numpy visualization





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8 Project's Source Code Share By Sanket Ingole

Transaction Record Of Shop project in Python


This is a complete project of keeping transaction record of any shop also stores the history of all customers in .txt format. Using this application shopkeeper can track the transaction record of the shop....

  splitsman   2021-04-13

Stock_analysis project in Python


This project contain the analysis of the stocks prices. It contains of different types of plots implemented using pandas, seaborn, matplotlib and cufflinks....

  splitsman   2021-03-16

Send Mail And Messages program in Python


This is the program that can send multiple emails and messages to the emails and numbers provided in excel sheet....

  splitsman   2021-03-09

Laravel_CRUD Web App project in PHP


It is complete project with CRUD operation created using a php framework laravel. Including backend with MYSQl. This project was created to understand the laravel framework how it is used....

  splitsman   2021-03-06

Sample Front-end Static Page demo in HTML CSS


It is a demo page created using html, css and JavaScript. It is responsive web page. to show the hidden part that is the answer part is created using JavaScript...

  splitsman   2021-02-28

Travelling Template demo in HTML CSS


Sample front page for travelling website using HTML and CSS. Single page demo to get creative ideas etc....

  splitsman   2021-02-09

Blog Post Using DJango project in Python


This is website created using skeleton model of posting blog to share Shayari. For creating this website Python(DJango) is used....

  splitsman   2021-02-09

Personal Portfolio demo in HTML CSS


This is a Sample of the design of a personal portfolio web page. It is a single page portfolio with multiple sections like about, contact etc....

  splitsman   2021-02-08