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Resume builder Project issues

In this page list of issues on Resume builder. This source code share by Varun Raval. If any errors in this project then you can ask question to developer or send a private messages. This project have a total 8 issues.

Here Discussion on Issues

how to run this

Resume builder in PHP

could you please help me, could you plz tell me the steps to run this project i have downloaded this after that what should i do

abc_987654321   2022-02-25 14:37:46

Run issue

Resume builder in PHP

How to run this project sir i download the source code and store it in xampp path.shall i run it using xampp.which command is used to run this project

jayavenitha   2021-07-05 05:36:37


Resume builder in PHP

hi sir, the database is not been given. pls email me at

davynoschahit   2021-06-01 14:27:19

database file

Resume builder in PHP

There is no database file in this project, please send the database file to my mail,

sairaviteja   2021-04-09 13:04:24


Resume builder in PHP

sir not provide to project database file plz provide project database i need to database file my e mail id is

ravi7240   2021-03-20 12:41:30

Database file

Resume builder in PHP

Dear sir, Database file not found. please add database file. Thank you

earnbdnow   2018-07-29 10:58:57


Resume builder in PHP

sir what is admin password and user name the database uname and upass not accepted,,plz tell sir

babarmunir   2018-02-10 10:12:55


Resume builder in PHP

The database couldn't be connected. I create a database with the name of "christia_cvnw" and also changed it on "dbconnect.php" but still get the error. I used both "christia_cvnw" and "cvnw" but it didn't work. I run it under a domain addon. Should I run it under the main domain?

archima   2017-10-03 19:04:59

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