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Social Network Website Database project on Java

Java ideas     sab saf    2021-01-10

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Social Network Website Database project abstract

Posted by :  sab saf
Project Name :  Social Network Website Database
Upload Date :  2021-01-10
Platform :  Java
Programming Language :  er diagram
Database :  mysql
Project Type :  web Application
View :  61

Social Network Website Database project description

A social network website allows different users to interact, share certain information with each other and post to general audience. The two basic features or modules in the social network website are the profile management and friends’ organization. Each user can create a profile the profile must include his name, contact information, date created, login details, profile picture and other features. A user can follow other users and can be followed by them or not. A user can send messages to other users and the messages must be stored and contain the date and time sent. The user can post small text posts. The other users can see the posts if they follow the post owner. The viewed times is also stored for each post. The other users can also agree or disagree (like or dislike) the post and add comments on it. The user can create or join a group. The group must have a name, category and an administrator. Each user can join many groups.

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