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Top downloaded WEB templates and themes

Here Top downloaded WEB templates and themes for website.Download WEB complete templates.we have good collection of WEB template.kashipara's entire collection of WEB themes & templates.WEB template and themes using in web applications.Free download templates in WEB.WEB mobile first responsive templates.WEB responsive Web Design for web bootstrap template & themes for any business, portfolio websites or blogs.Best Responsive & SEO Friendly Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates.share you WEB templates & themes win prices.WEB Project Tutorials for learning and development full template for projects.

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Top downloaded WEB templates list

Online Electronics Hub template in WEB


This is html css based project in this project we make one Electronics Hub which contains the Electronics things which can be made for sale. This is very use full project when we require this kind of project user just need to change content of this p...

  ravi_rathod   2017-06-11

Web Chat-bot template in WEB


This is a sample web template chat-bot.The chatbot give response to the causal question like hi,how are you? The main highlighted thing in the bot is it take response from html file and pass the value to python file. the python file has matrix like...

  ayush.sabadi   2018-10-28

Music Player Template (HTML/CSS/JS) template in WEB


This project is a single-page music player that consists of some songs and apart from that users can reverse, skip, play the next songs easily. The image provided in the background will show its effect once you connect with the internet....

  kkumarnitish   2021-10-23

Amazing Portfolio template in WEB


This is a single-page portfolio, that is made with front-end languages i.e. HTML, CSS, JavaScript. ...

  kkumarnitish   2021-09-09

Perfect Landing Page Template template in WEB


This is the perfect landing page with automatically changeable cover images, that is perfect for web assignments....

  kkumarnitish   2021-10-09

Random Password Generator (HTML/CSS/JS) template in WEB


This is a password generator template that generates a random password of up to 30 characters, you can change the length with the help of the slider provided in the frontend. After generating the password, you can also copy it to the clipboard....

  kkumarnitish   2021-10-22

Watch Trailer Responsive Website template in WEB


“Watch Trailer” where the main goal provided to the user is to watch all the latest Hollywood movies trailer as well as the primary goal is to book a movie ticket online. This website is made by using HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT to obtain th...

  rahulnimkande   2022-01-13

Analog Clock In Web template in WEB


This consists of a single-page analog clock in which there would be a movement of the hour, minute, and second hands. This can be used for assignment purposes in the web technology subject....

  kkumarnitish   2021-10-22

Follow Along Navigation Template template in WEB


This is a template in which the navigation would automatically move with the movement of your mouse cursor....

  kkumarnitish   2021-10-23

Limited Period Countdown Timer template in WEB


This template consists of a countdown timer that shows how much time is left for an offer to end. This is done through HTML/CSS/JS....

  kkumarnitish   2021-10-22

Mini Drum Template With Fantastic Sound template in WEB


This template consists of a mini drum where sounds are assigned on some keyboard keys, and will be played after pressing those keys...

  kkumarnitish   2021-10-22

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