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Most Popular C# .NET projects with source code and documents

In this page list of Most Popular C# .NET projects with source code and report. In this page so many small application like a mini projects for beginner. Also large application like a major project for advance level C# .NET. Here student gets C# .NET project with report, documentation, synopsis. We hope this projects would be useful for quick glance before going for any projects submission. These project list for final year BE, BCA, MCA, B.Sc, Ms.Bsc, Computer Science students. Huge collection of readyment open source project developement using C# .NET platform. C# .NET website, game, desktop, mobile application with source code. We starting share n earn project uploading contest for you. C# .NET Tutorials for learning and development full projects. Free to download project source code developed in C# .NET.

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List of Most Popular C# .NET projects

online shopping cart website project in C# .NET


online shopping cart asp .net source code Project download.Online shopping website on camera and photographic website.In this project user manage his profile and cart.all document is available in this project.this shopping cart project with sour...

  rax.jethva   2013-05-16

Complete Library Management System project in C# .NET


free download complete library management system using C# .net project source code.library management project in C# .net projects.In this project librarian can add,delete,update book details.also manage student status when issue and retu...

  rax.jethva   2012-10-02

inventory control management system project in C# .NET


download inventory control management system c# .net project source code. fornt end : C# .net back end : SQL SERVER inventory control management system c# this project manage stocks. available stocks in store.and manage product details.i...

  patelabhigna   2011-12-25

medical store management system project in C# .NET


free download medical shop store c# .net project source code downloadThis medical store this application manages details about medicine.Stock manages medicine.Shopkeeper and new medicine in store.How many item remaining in store e...

  jayesh   2011-11-13

library management system(lms) project in C# .NET


this is library management system project downloaded from your site but it does not contain user id and password......i want the user id and password...

  Ravikashid   2014-04-04

School Management System project in C# .NET


School Management System . It is a desktop Application . it maintain a student record fees record etc....

  mohdarif   2014-02-25

Bank Management System project in C# .NET


free download bank management system c# project with source management system system development in c# .net .bank project user can register his and generate account number.also credit or debit amount in account.banking  system developm...

  rax.jethva   2012-12-05

online cinema movie ticket booking project in C# .NET


free online cinema movie ticket booking C# asp .net project ticket booking application with source cinema ticket booking project in asp .net.In this project user can view current running movie in cinema and theater ticket s...

  kishan   2011-11-23

online job portal system project in C# .NET


 online job portal management system development using asp .net project source code download job portal application in asp .net project source code. free download online source code. this application useful for student.many feature...

  rax.jethva   2012-01-22

apartment management system project in C# .NET


apartment  management system project on vb .net free download source code.apartment management system project in vb .net. in this project manage apartment watch man details.enter guest details.also all member details like mobile...

  yogitabhargude   2013-08-12

Complete Point Of Sale POS / Shop Management System project in C# .NET


Complete Shop Management System in Project is currently running on many places. this software has complete features of comercial software but these are blocked due to educational purpose. if u want to get full feature software then contact de...

  waqaxx   2016-07-31

online erp system project in C# .NET


free download online erp system on asp .net project source codedownload Enterprise Resource Planning(erp) system project.PROJECT INTRODUCTION:--ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning.-Accounting software needs access to information in each area ...

  sandy   2013-08-16

Face Detection and Recognition project in C# .NET


Face recognition rises from the moment that machine started to become more and more “intelligent” and had the advance of fill in, correct or help the lack of human abilities and senses. The subject of face recognition is as old as co...

  legenda7440   2013-11-03

jewelry shop management system project in C# .NET


free download jewelry shop management system c# .net project source code.Jewelry Shop Web application in C# .net.this jewelry shop management system on c# .net. IN this project user side watch a Jewelry design price ...

  kjayvik   2012-02-07

sales inventory management system project in C# .NET


sales inventory management systemsales inventory management system in project development in c# c# .net project with source code....

  velu140291   2014-01-21

Stock And Billing Management System project in C# .NET


STOCK ENTRY  , EDITING, DELETE , TO LOGIN ENTER  THE FOLLOWING ID AND PASSWORD USER ID-Admin password-12345 Database folder  location E:Stock There are following solution of error Missing Test and PK of project. Step(1). Open ...

  pawan980   2016-04-15

bus reservation system project in C# .NET


bus reservation system in C# .net project source code.Role of Staff ManagerStaff Enters through his Login Id and views the Vehicle Details for any Selected date.For New Booking Details He enters into the New Booking Screen and enters the new customer...

  rax.jethva   2012-12-15

Hospital Management system project in C# .NET


In this project we have to insert new patient,insert new doctors and also create bill of patient in which doctor visit charges,equipment charges,room rent and so on..we can also delete records of patient and doctors.....

  neeta_kadam   2017-06-04

online tours and travels reservation project in C# .NET


free download online tours and travels reservation source code.Reservation hotel booking train cancellation.traveling ticket booking.check bus root.check fare price and book a ticket...

  rax.jethva   2011-11-19

Mobile Shop Management project in C# .NET


                This project “Mobile store management system” is software part of the Mobile Services Management system, on improving this software we can easily track all the Employee details, sales details ...

  anandvijay1940   2015-07-01

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