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Most Popular Android Project With Source Code And Reports.

here Most Popular Android project with source code and database. Android projects for learning with source code and submission in college. we have good collection of mini and major Android project source codes and document. we hope this Android project with source code and database would be useful for quick glance before going for any Android project submission. Free download Project in Android,Android Source Code for final year college student, project submission of BE, BCA, MCA. demo and sample Android project source code. free download mini and major Android project source code. Android website,game,desktop,mobile application with source code. share you Android java project with source code and win prices. we starting share n earn project uploading contest for you. this contest benifits for student will earn and get best quality Android project. we helpful for be,btech,me,mca,bca,it,computer science student get project source code. Android Project Tutorials for learning and development full projects.

Most Popular Android projects with source code list.


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Restaurant Management System Project In Android

restaurant management system source code in android project downloadrestaurant management application in this project many features.search restaurant by place.customer info save.order listing in apps.today menu listing.this project final year major p... view more

submited by :- rax.jethva on 2013-05-30


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Friend Tracker Project In Android

This project name is an freind tracker and use to find friends ,add friend,update friend and see all the friend list  and der locations .For further enhancement  implementing chating in my this project... view more

submited by :- saurabah on 2015-04-01


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Pizza Restaurant Order System Project In Android

this is an pizza project user can select as per there choice different sizes pizzas where the user can select, and order, from a list of available pizzas.... view more

submited by :- saurabah on 2015-03-03


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Message Protraction System Project In Android

Download massage protraction application in android source code.This is android application with source code.message protraction in android mobile phone this use to hide sms in mobile.first time install in mobile then set password that default passwo... view more

submited by :- yogitabhargude on 2011-11-14


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Calculator Project In Android

This is my first Android App. It is simple calculator ,and we use easy method for developing calculator app. It's efficiency is most suitable for all users.... view more

submited by :- Ankit92 on 2013-10-28


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Questions Answers Mobile Application Project In Android

Free Download Question answer Application in android application.Android Source Code.This simple android application.Database Sqllite use for store question and answer.Add question for exam and answer.Dynamic Generate Question paper.Randomly Question... view more

submited by :- kishandhamat on 2012-07-04


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Bank Acc Management Project In Android

Managing bank accountusing this application an individual user can manage his account details he can withdrawn or deposit any amount amount.... view more

submited by :- gadgaleamol on 2014-02-13


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Find Restaurants Locator With Web Api Project In Android

free find restaurants locator with php web service.android project that find restaurants near place.data coming in json services.also use google map api in this project.put pin on map. near all restaurants.download android project source code.... view more

submited by :- kishan on 2014-06-07


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City Places Project In Android

This project aim to get all the city places such as atm,hospitals ,colleges ,govt institutes and police stations by using google api and google places .We can also add new places or any details in an google database .... view more

submited by :- saurabah on 2015-04-26


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Text To Speech Convert Project In Android

TextTospeech converter is an android apps used to read the text messagesit takes text as a input and convert it into audio format.... view more

submited by :- Ainul on 2014-02-20


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Student Management System Project In Android

Student management system is used to manage all the details and data of the students for basic use of user. User can enter roll number, name and marks of them. Project is developed by using basic concepts of java programming and using eclipse. ... view more

submited by :- varun_77 on 2016-06-20


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Emergency Help Srvice Project In Android

emergency help service is an android apps.it has a database for friend contact and messaging service to send a urgent sms ..... view more

submited by :- Ainul on 2014-02-20


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Bouncing Balls Game Project In Android

download bouncing balls android game source code.this is simple game source code.and helpful for game application development.bouncing balls game.free download android games and source code.... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2014-10-03


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Android Quiz App Project In Android

It is a quiz with four options with timer and sound, 10 question will apear one by one and save your high score.... view more

submited by :- aniketsmarty on 2016-05-01


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Gallery Image View Using Android Source Code Demo Project In Android

gallery image view android source code project for student.this simple android gallery view demo.in this project display gallery images.download android projects.top android example source code for students.download project android source code.androi... view more

submited by :- patelabhigna on 2013-06-24


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Esay Sms Sending In Android Project In Android

this is Apk for esay sending SMSInstall your Android Mobile and Enjoy....!!!if any problem then call me my name is amit my number is 7600898210... view more

submited by :- ad114 on 2014-01-29


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Online Contact Storage Phone Book Project In Android

this project provides many facilities to user like online contact storage ,its retreival,normal phonebook,Text to speech conversion....and much more... view more

submited by :- bodybuildersaurabh on 2015-07-05


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Android Database Connection Sqllite Example Source Code Project In Android

free download android example database connection sqllite example source code.This is simple demo about sql lite database connection in android. performed insert,update,delete record in table.This demo for beginner in android.here data... view more

submited by :- patelabhigna on 2013-05-06


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Patient Module Project In Android

This project aim to do consultancy with dentist and patients and make precautions and sydrome   share with images and videos.If you have any query or help free to email me -saurya6890@gmail.com or call me at  09714062763... view more

submited by :- saurabah on 2015-05-28


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Android Project In Android

this is contain two sample projects and sample codes. this is contain two sample projects and sample codes, this is contain two sample projects and sample codes... view more

submited by :- srinucsi on 2015-12-02